Earn ACLS BLS Recertification Online at the Same Time

ACLS BLS recertification online has now been made easier than ever before. Now you can earn both your ACLS and BLS provider cards simply by taking the ACLS exam. A separate BLS exam is no longer required. As a result, our students can obtain both provider cards in under 60 minutes.

ACLS Recertification Online Training

The ACLS recertification training materials are 100% online and can be completed any time after purchase. There is no expiration to the courses so even if you decide to take the course 8 months after purchase, they are still available. The courses are also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You are able to login to your account and study the training materials any time during the day or night.

BLS Recertification Online Training

Now the ACLS BLS recertification online training materials have been combined into the ACLS training to efficiently move you through the course. Now you don’t need to worry about studying the same thing twice. No longer will you need to be worried about being tested on the same material twice. We know most of you are busy healthcare professionals and students. We want to simplify the recertification process for you as much as possible.

ACLS BLS Recertification Online in Under 60 Minutes

Because we have combined the training you can complete your ACLS BLS recertification online faster than ever before. Students that are familiar with ACLS and BLS are usually able to complete the online exam and earn their provider cards in under an hour.

Accredited by the AMECC for CME and CEUs

Our courses have gone through a review process by the American Medical Education and Certification Commission that allows us to provide CME and CEUs to our students. We maximize the number of CME and CEUs you can earn with the course while still providing you with fast online certification.

United Medical Education Designed For Students

Over the years we have listened to student feed-back and recommendations making our online ACLS, BLS, and PALS courses the most user friendly experience on the Internet. We have built our courses with our student’s needs in mind. We promise a new level of professionalism you will not find at any online course provider.

No Time Limit on the Exam with Unlimited Exam Retakes

The online exam to earn your ACLS BLS recertification online does not have a time limit. As a result we have eliminated a large amount of stress associated with the actual exam process. There are also unlimited exam retakes. Even if you fail the exam the first several times, you can retake the exam as many times as needed until you prove an appropriate level of knowledge related to ACLS and BLS. Once you achieve a score of 80% or higher you will receive an instant digital provider card and a hard-copy version of your card will be mailed within the next few days.