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ACLS provider card

Instant Card & Hard Copy Card with Every Purchase.

The moment of exam completion you will receive an instant provider card in your student account and another sent to your personal email.

You will then receive a hard copy version of your provider card by mail.

Training Adheres To AHA Guidelines.
100% Online. No Live Skills Test Required.

Our Courses adhere to the most current AHA guidelines and are updated regularly.

No live skills test is required for course completion.
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No Hidden Fees.
Thousands of Satisfied Customers.

There are no hidden fees associated with our courses. With a single purchase you get everything.

We have helped certify thousands of satisfied customers in the USA and internationally.

Earn ACLS Certification Online Fast

We provide the fastest provider card delivery for ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support), PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support), and BLS (Basic Life Support). Our students are able to certify in under 60 minutes.

ACLS Online Classes and Training are Available Around the Clock

The online classes, training materials, and exams are always available through your student account. Our automated system eliminates any waiting period as you complete your courses. From registration to certificate delivery, our courses are the fastest in the industry.

Nationally Accredited by the AMECC

The Accrediting Medical Education and Certification Commission (AMECC) has endorsed and accredited our courses for CEUs/CMEs. The training materials follow the most current standards and guidelines outlined by the American Heart Association (AHA).

No Exam Time Limits. Unlimited Exam Retakes.

There is no time limit on the exams. Also, you may take the final exams as many times as you need to pass without penalty. You will also receive instant test results after exam completion. With successful course completion comes your free instant digital provider card so you won’t have to wait for the hard copy card to come through the mail.

Free Training and Course Materials That Follow AHA Guidelines

Our training and class materials are included in the single original price of the course. Our students receive everything they need to successfully complete their exam fast and without the headache of hidden fees. We follow the most current guidelines of the AHA. The manuals and algorithms can be reviewed over the Internet or can be printed for your convenience 24/7.

No Waiting! 100% Online with Instant Digital Provider Card

GET YOUR PROVIDER CARD TODAY! Don’t miss work or school because of provider card expiration. We have completely eliminated any wait period by giving you instant exam results and an instant digital provider card. The instant digital card uses the same image template as our hard-copy card making it identical in every way.

Customer Satisfaction with 100% Money Back Guarantee

Here at United Medial Education it is our goal to meet the needs of all of our students. We stand by our courses are proud to offer a 100% money back guarantee to students who are unsatisfied with their courses and want to take advantage of the risk free trial period.

No Expiration of Courses and Account Access

Don’t feel rushed to complete your courses. There is no expiration to your training and exams. You can purchase all three classes and complete them at your own convenience. Once you have completed your course, the provider card and certificate are valid for two full years.

Advanced Cardiac Life Support

Online ACLS certification can easily be earned in under 60 minutes. We believe here at United Medical Education that learning doesn’t have to be difficult. Free course materials, practice exams, a final exam, an instant digital provider card, and a hard-copy card are given to every student that orders the class. The course follows the most current AHA guidelines and standards.

Pediatric Advanced Life Support

Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) teaches advanced life saving methods. This specific course focuses primarily on the successful resuscitation and life saving techniques for the pediatric population. Appropriate parameters and vital signs are included to help the student understand what vital signs are normal for the age of the patient and what vital signs should be treated.

Basic Life Support

Basic Life Support (BLS) can be completed from start to finish in under an hour.  The BLS certification course will teach you everything you need to know to help maintain sufficient circulation and oxygenation to vital organs of your patients until further life saving interventions can be implemented.

Study at Your Own Convenience

There is no need to rush or stress about completing your courses. There is no time limit set to your course instruction. Your courses will never expire. After signing up you will have access to your account any time, day or night. Even after successful exam completion you will continue to have access to the training materials and updates.

ACLS, PALS, and BLS Practice Exams

Here at United Medical Education you can take your final exam knowing that you are well prepared. We provide ACLS, PALS, andBLS practice exams to help students know what to expect from the final exams. The grading of the practice exams is automated and will let you know which questions you answered correctly and incorrectly.

Free Hard Copy Card Shipped to Your Door

After completing your course you will receive a hard copy version of your provider card by mail. Standard US shipping is provided for free with registration. Provider cards are shipped daily and will arrive shortly after exam completion. Our provider cards are indistinguishable from those given for a live course. On each of your provider cards is printed your home city as the course location and a signature of a regional instructor. Our provider cards are accredited by the AMECC. Although it is ultimately your employers decision to accept or reject your provider cards we are proud to say that our courses have over a 98% acceptance rate both nationally and internationally when presented to an employer or school.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there additional fees for yourtraining manuals?

No. There are no additional fees with our courses. The training manuals, instant digital provider card,and shipping are all included in the single original price.

How quickly do I get my digitalprovider card after I take the exam?

Instantly! The test is graded automatically and then the digital provider card is sent to your personalemail and user account.

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"As a new nurse, I was looking for a quick online ACLS course before I start my new job the next month, and this website was the perfect place to do that. With the downloadable learning materials and practice tests, I was able to obtain my ACLS provider card within an hour. Plus, the learning materials were concise, thorough, and easy to navigate through. I will definitely use this site again for my PALS and BLS next year when they expire!"
- Marianne Unite RN, BSN Washington
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