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ACLS Certification Online: Course Overview

Learning Advanced Cardiac Life Support ACLS has become even easier with our helpful illustrated algorithms and guidelines. We have created a fast online ACLS certification course that is both intuitive and comprehensive.

Course Topics
Hemodynamics for Adults
CPR for Adults
Choking Interventions for Adults
Secondary ABCD for Adults
Pulseless Electrical Activity (PEA)
Advanced Airways
Acute Stroke
Cardiac/Electrical Therapy
ACLS Case Scenarios
Acute Myocardial Infarction
Practice Exams

What to Expect When Taking ACLS Online

Receive your instant provider card immediately after you complete the course. Your hard-copy card will be mailed soon after.

Our classes are accredited in joint providership with PIM and are certified for AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™.

Access the professional training manuals, online exams, and certificates at any time around the clock. 

We provide unlimited exam retakes, assuring certification once you know and understand the material.

Our courses fulfill all requirements by the Joint Commission, and adhere to the current CPR and ECC guidelines.

We guarantee your certification will be accepted, or we refund your purchase. There are no hidden fees. 

Welcome to Our ACLS Certification Course

Welcome to our online ACLS certification and renewal courses. After registration you will be taken through a series of ACLS core concepts in preparation for the final exam. 

Helpful illustrated algorithms and guidelines have been created to make the learning process simple for both the experienced professional, and those new to taking ACLS online.

We built our curriculum for the busy healthcare provider wanting clear concise training and the flexibility to move quickly through the course material. 

Now that you are here, simply register through the link below and let’s begin!


Complete Guide:
How to Earn Online ACLS Renewal

Introduction to ACLS Certification

Here we will guide you through the entire online Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) certification process from start to finish. We hope to cover all your questions from the moment you register until the moment you receive your provider card.

If you would like to download our guide on how to earn ACLS certification online click here. This will make it easier for you to follow along.

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Adding ACLS Certification to Your Student Account

You will first need to register and purchase a course on our shopping cart page.

Once on the shopping cart page you can add or remove as many courses as you like next to each course type. Most people just order one of each needed course, but large organizations will often buy in bulk. You do this by clicking the “Add” or “Remove” buttons in each category. (example: You decide to add 1 ACLS certification course, and 1 BLS certification course.)


Once you have made your selection, scroll down and select the proper shipping option. For those that reside in the United States, standard shipping is free.

provider card shipping option

Continue to scroll down until you reach the section that asks for you to build an account and enter your billing and shipping information. If you already have an account with us, simply place your email and password associated with your account into the “Build Account” section. If you’re creating a new account with us, place the desired email you want associated with your account and create a new password. (note: If you’re already logged into an existing account the “Build Account” section will not be present.)


Fill in the billing information. If your shipping address is different from your billing address you will want to deselect the box for “Billing Information Same as Shipping.”

Review that you have selected the correct items for purchase, that your account and billing information is correct, and your credit card information is properly entered. Then click “Submit Order.” You will see an animation showing that the order is processing. Please be patient, giving the system some time to complete your order. If your order is not successful, you’ll remain on the shopping cart page. Check for errors marked in red. Also review all selected items for purchase, review your order information, and try again.

If your order is successful you’ll be taken to a receipt page. There will be a link that says “Download Receipt”. Click on this link to download the receipt. If you decide you want to download your receipt later, you can always access it whenever you like in your student account under the “Receipts” icon. Now click on the link that says “Continue to Your Courses.”

receipt buttons

Continue to the next tab.

Navigating Your Student Account

You’ll be taken to your “Courses” page where you’ll see a student sub-menu that shows as a row of icons set to a blue background.

student navigation menu

The “Courses” icon takes you to a page that includes 3 columns. An ACLS column, a PALS column, and a BLS column. In each column there are three subsections. The “study materials” section that will take you to a table of links that include all the training materials, the “final exam” section which will take you to your open final exams, and the “certificates” section that will take you to the cards and certificates of ONLY those earned in that specific course.

The “Certificates” icon at the top takes you to a page that contains ALL your earned cards and certificates.

The “Receipts” icon will take you to a page where you can download receipts for past purchases that can be used for reimbursement from an employer or for tax write-off purposes.

The “Reminders” icon is where you can build renewal reminders to recertify when your current ACLS certification nears expiration. These renewal reminders will also auto generate after you certify successfully. You can choose to change the dates, make new ones, or delete these at your convenience. 

The “Verification” icon is where you can make sure your employer can publicly access the details of your certification in our database. On every provider card there is a verification number (VN). By submitting the VN on the verification page your employer can see that the card is indeed authentic.

The “Profile” icon will take you to a page that allows you to edit your personal information. Please take not that changes to your mailing address in the profile page will only effect the location for mailing of future hard-copy cards. If you accidentally requested your hard-copy card to be mailed to a wrong address, please reach out to us through our contact page.

The “Password” icon will allow you to update your password while logged into your account. If you are not logged in and you forgot your password you can go to our forgot password page.

Finally, the “Logout” icon will log you out of your account.

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Starting the ACLS Certification Training & Examination

You will start by being on the “Courses” page. Continue by clicking on the ACLS subheading link that says “View Study Materials.” Here you will see a table that contains everything you will need to certify.

Table includes links to:

Continuing Education Accreditation Information for ACLS
ACLS Training Manual
ACLS Practice Exam
ACLS Drug Guide
ACLS Updates 2015 to 2020 (pdf download)
Adult Chest Compressions & Rescue Breaths (pdf download)
Infant Chest Compressions & Rescue Breaths (pdf download)
ACLS Final Exam
View My Cards and Certificates
Download and Print My Receipts

Start by reviewing the continuing education and accreditation page. This will give you a complete understanding of our accreditation and the continuing education hours you will be earning. After this, you have complete flexibility on how you choose to navigate through our training materials. The online ACLS training manual has everything you will need to complete the final exam successfully and certify. The other training sources help to support and explain both concepts and medication into further detail. 

You have the flexibility to take the final exam at any time by going to the ACLS “View Study Materials” subheading and clicking on “ACLS Final Exam,” or by going to the “Courses” page, and under the ACLS heading, clicking on “Incomplete Exam: Begin Test.”

How to take the final exam

In the final exam you’ll see one question at a time. After you select the appropriate answer, click the button that says “Next” until you reach the final question which will have a button that says “Submit My Answers.” You will immediately be graded and given your results. If you didn’t pass the exam, you can study and attempt it again. You can attempt the final exam as many times as you need until you have learned the appropriate information and can pass the exam. If you passed with 80% or better you’ll be taken to the next step in generating your provider card.

Continue to the next tab.

Final Process to Obtain Your ACLS Certification Card

Now that you have completed the final exam successfully, you will need to fill in the box telling us what name you want on your provider card. Be carefully to enter in your name correctly and please avoid special characters such as apostrophes or hyphens. Place in the email address where you’d like an electronic version of your provider card delivered. If you later can’t find your provider card when you login to your email account, please check your junk mailbox folder. Also, remember you can ALWAYS access earned provider cards by logging into your student account and clicking on the “Certificates” icon.

Enter in your shipping address for your hard-copy card. If you use the auto-fill feature of your browser, review your address carefully. We are not responsible for hard-copy cards not delivered if you fail to give us the appropriate mailing address.

After you enter in the critical information for your card and shipping, you’ll see an “Evaluation Form” section. This must be completed for you to receive your provider card and continuing education certificate. Please complete this form honestly, as it is required for courses that are certified for continuing education credit. Then click on the button at the bottom that says “click here to generate your certificate & card.”

You’ll then be taken to the “Certificates” page with links to view pdf versions of your “ACLS card” and your “CE Certificate.” If you open these links you will be given an option to download the pdf documents to use as proof of certification.

You or your employer can go to our course verification page and put in the verification number (VN) on the card or certificate to verify the authenticity of the card.

If you have further questions, please look through our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. Most people email us with the same 25 questions so using the FAQ page is much faster and convenient for you. If the answer to your question can’t be found there feel free to reach out to us by email through our contact page.

Thank you for choosing United Medical Education. We hope to continue serving your certification needs in the future.

After You Complete ACLS online Renewal

After you complete our Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) online certification curriculum you’ll receive both an instant provider card and a continuing education certificate in your student account and by email. We will then mail you a hard-copy provider card to your desired address. The instant card serves the same function as the hard-copy card, and can be presented to your employer as proof of certification.

Your provider card will remain valid for a period of 2 full years from the date of completion. During this time, you or your employer can verify the status of your provider card by entering the Verification Number (VN) on the back of your card through our course verification page.

What Next?

Healthcare professionals often need additional emergency medical training such as Basic Life Support (BLS) certification and Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) certification.

BLS training goes hand in hand with our online ACLS curriculum. BLS certification will teach you the basics of how to resuscitate both adults and children until additional more advanced interventions can be implemented.

PALS training covers many of the same course topics as our online ACLS curriculum but is focused on the infant and child population. You’ll find drug dosages, algorithms, and guidelines are sleightly different when treating younger patients.

To learn more about these courses click on the links below.