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ACLS Certification Online: Course Overview

Learning Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) has become even easier with our helpful illustrated algorithms and guidelines. Our fast ACLS certification course is both intuitive and comprehensive.

Course Topics
Hemodynamics for Adults
CPR for Adults
Choking Interventions for Adults
Secondary ABCD for Adults
Pulseless Electrical Activity (PEA)
Advanced Airways
Acute Stroke
Cardiac/Electrical Therapy
Case Scenarios
Acute Myocardial Infarction
Practice Exams

What to Expect When Taking ACLS Online

Receive your instant provider card immediately after you complete the course. Your hard-copy card will be mailed soon after.

Our classes are accredited in joint providership with PIM and are certified for AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™.

Access the professional training manuals, online exams, and certificates at any time around the clock. 

We provide unlimited exam retakes, assuring certification once you know and understand the material.

Our courses fulfill all requirements by the Joint Commission, and adhere to the current CPR and ECC guidelines.

Money back guarantee. We guarantee your certification will be accepted, or we refund your purchase.

Welcome to Our ACLS Certification Course

Welcome to our 100% online ACLS certification and renewal courses. After registration you will be taken through a series of core concepts in preparation for the final exam. 

Helpful illustrated algorithms and guidelines have been created to make the learning process simple for both the experienced professional, and those new to taking ACLS online.

We built our curriculum for the busy healthcare provider wanting clear concise training and the flexibility to move quickly through the course material. 

Now that you are here, simply register through the link below and let’s begin!


After You Complete ACLS Renewal

After you complete our free Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) certification curriculum you’ll receive an instant provider card in your student account and by email. We then promptly mail you a hard-copy provider card to your desired address. The instant card serves the same function as the physical card, and can be presented to your employer as proof of certification.

Your provider card will remain valid for a period of 2 full years from the date of completion. During this time, you or your employer can verify the status of your provider card by entering the Verification Number (VN) on the back of your card through our course verification page.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can become ACLS certified by attending a class online or in person. Most Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support classes have moved to online certification, with the option to take a live skills test. Some institutions offer AHA classes in-house, or set other requirements for their staff so it is important that you discuss theses with your employer.

Yes, hospitals and educational organizations have moved more towards online ACLS certification being accepted. Even the American Heart Association (AHA) offers an Internet based certification course, accompanied with a brief skills check requirement. The emergency medical community has evolved, adopting new more efficient mediums of education.

Several potential students find themselves asking what is the ACLS certification. The ACLS certificate is given to individuals who complete the Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) course and final exam. It proves that the individual granted the certificate or provider card has shown sufficient knowledge in the complex medical management of patients experiencing a heart attack or stroke.

Basic Life Support (BLS) teaches the fundamental principals of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Advanced Cardiac Life Support teaches complex medication, electrical, and interventional management of arrhythmias and other life threatening emergencies. ACLS covers the principles found in BLS but expands to algorithms generally only provided by trained healthcare professionals.

This depends on the medical environment and job requisites of where you work. If your job requires you to carry Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) certification, you will likely also need to complete Basic Life Support training. Generally you will need to enroll in both courses separately and pass their individual exams. However, since there is overlap on the training materials we allow those who purchase both courses the ability to receive both provider cards with the successful completion of the final exam.

By using comprehensive educational materials, completing a series of practice test, and reviewing illustrated algorithms successfully completing Advanced Cardiac Life Support over the Internet doesn’t need to be difficult.

Here at United Medical Education we have developed an electronic learning platform that makes the process as simple as possible. We want our students to be confident that their money is well spent. With registration students can be assured they will receive the education they need, and be prepared to earn the provider card they require.

From Start to Finish

Let us help you get started here at United Medical Education. Use the buttons above to add the ACLS online recertification courses to the shopping cart. From there you will be prompted to build an account and complete your purchase.

Within your student account you’ll begin the learning experience covering comprehensive emergency cardiovascular care and designed for medical professionals. Upon successful completion of your training you’ll receive instant card access, and be mailed your ACLS provider card soon after.

Our courses have a 99.5% acceptance rate and come with a money back guarantee. Let our guaranteed acceptance policy put your mind at ease and let’s get started. Selecting your class has never been easier.

Our comprehensive course materials includes a large selection of pretests and unlimited exam retakes written by experienced medical professionals including board certified physicians. Our free ACLS recertification online course training covers the essential guidelines and standards according to the selected research of the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR). 

Learn from our comprehensive ACLS algorithm learning center. You’ll find everything you need to earn your provider card in one place. Also, no skills test is required but an optionals skills session checklist is provided, which can be conducted by a separate certified individual.

The ACLS courses are accredited by the Postgraduate Institute for Medicine (PIM) and is approved for continuing education, CME CE, type AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™. The courses follow the research based ECC guidelines recommended by the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR) standards. Our courses have over a 99.5% acceptance rate. We offer guaranteed acceptance of your course or your money back.

We have helped tens of thousands in the united states and internationally complete their acls training courses. A passing score of 80% is required to earn your certificate. Upon completion of the final exam you will immediately receive the recertification exam results. We offer an ACLS pretest center to help you prepare for the final exam.

Our acls recertification course online has an optional skills session in the circumstance one is required by your employer. These can be conducted by a friend or colleague that is already certified, has an understanding of how to treat cardiac arrest, and has previously done a skills practice exam. The skills session covers that which you will have already learned from the emergency medicine study materials.

acls recertification courses include CE credits that can be used by health care providers during state license renewal. As an added customer service our ACLS recertification course even comes with a money back guarantee, in the rare circumstance your ACLS provider card is not accepted by your employer.

What Next?

Healthcare professionals often need additional emergency medical training such as BLS certification and PALS certification.

BLS training goes hand in hand with our advanced curriculum. BLS certification will teach you the basics of how to resuscitate both adults and children until additional more advanced interventions can be implemented. Our system has a series of practice tests designed to help healthcare providers prepare for any scenario.

PALS training covers many of the same course topics as our Advanced Life Support curriculum but is focused on the infant and child population. You’ll find drug dosages, algorithms, and guidelines are sleightly different when treating younger patients.

To learn more about these courses click on the links below.