BLS Pretest Questions and Answers - 100% Free Practice Test

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BLS Pretest Questions and Answers

1. An infant becomes unresponsive and stops breathing. A strong pulse is still present. How many rescue breaths a minute should be given until help arrives or the infant starts breathing on its own?


2. What is the compression to breath ratio in two-person CPR for an adult?


3. You witness the collapse of an individual having a heart attack. What is your first priority?


4. To what depth should chest compressions be performed?


5. Where should you palpate for a pulse on an unconscious adult during CPR?


6. How long should you check for a carotid pulse on an adult?


7. Which of these answers appropriately describes how to perform chest compressions on an adult?


8. How often should you recheck for a pulse when you are performing rescue breaths on an unconscious patient with a pulse?


9. How many chest compressions a minute should be given to the patient during CPR?


10. When should an unconscious patient be placed in the recovery position?