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ACLS 2010 Guidelines

An important question facing healthcare and nursing professionals is “What is the need to be certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS).” Is being certified in Basic Life Support (BLS) not sufficient to meet the needs of patients today?

ACLS 2010 guidelines and ACLS certification are for all healthcare providers. Not too long ago, only doctors were allowed to take a patient’s temperature. Since then, the role of a nursing professional and others has grown to be a far more responsible one. Today nurses are trusted figures in a hospital and a vital contributor to the wellness of the patient. This remarkable upgrade in responsibilities is the consequence of the improved quality of education and training available. In the past, a nurse’s role was limited. Today however, with advancements in education, trained nurses command the respect and admiration of patients, doctors and administrators alike.

The evolving responsibilities of healthcare professionals also demand additional certification and training to meet the stringent demands of today’s healthcare system. With Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) training, a healthcare provider can both improve his or her résumé and be better equipped to the service he or she is called. The ACLS certification is constantly being updated to better serve the needs of patients and most importantly save lives. Here are some changes from ACLS 2010 to ACLS 2011 that may help whet your appetite to add this certification to your accomplishments.

Compressions: The standard ABC algorithms of the 2010 ACLS guidelines have been replaced by the CAB sequence. This means Chest compressions, Airway and Breathing in the new ACLS certification. Studies show that there is enough residual oxygen in the lungs for up to seven minutes of body oxygenation, compressions during that time can help maintain circulation to the brain and save the life or a patient.

Drugs and Devices Distract: Establishing airways and delivering drugs should not be your primary priority when initiating ACLS. The 2011 ACLS guidelines focus on activities that improve survival chances first such as chest compressions.

Epinephrine, not Atropine: Without any hard evidence for the benefits of atropine it has been dropped from ACLS protocol. Sodium bicarbonate has also been dropped from the protocol, especially in code situations.

Why online?

If you have already decided to make the smart move and get an ACLS certification, the question remains: Why do an online course?

Access: Quite simply, if being ACLS certified is a smart move, doing it online is smarter. Although live instructed classes are available, the best teachers cannot be at all places at once. If you live in an area that does not have access to the standard of education you deserve, an online ACLS course is ideal for you.

Efficiency: You can save on the transit time and the exhaustion of going from work to class. In addition, with an online course you only have to study when you are able to concentrate so that every moment you spend on it can be utilized effectively.

Time: An online course saves you time and allows you to learn at your own pace when working online. Unlike traditional live classes you can easily juggle work and ACLS certification renewal.

The ACLS certification could mean the difference between life and death and this certification equips you to make a difference when it counts.

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