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The moment of exam completion you will receive an instant provider card in your student account and another sent to your personal email.

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Our courses adhere to the most current internationally accepted CPR & ECC guidelines.

No live skills test is required for course completion.
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ACLS Renewal And Certification Online

Medical care would be a lot harder without people certified in ACLS (Advances Cardiac Life Support), BLS (Basic Life Support), and PALS (pediatric Life Support) care. All of these are initials for life saving techniques. With the high number of health professionals it would be difficult to get everyone recertified in a timely manner without the help of ACLS certification online, BLS certification online or PALS certification online. Qualified agents test and train people from a number of health care agencies to give aid to people with respiratory distress, heart problems and other emergency situations. Leisure activities would not be as much fun without trained emergency personnel standing by. Online BLS and ACSL classes make these activities safer.

People who are trained and tested can save time and money by getting ACLS recertification online. The process is quick and easy and recertification cards are supplied almost immediately. The same is true with PALS and BLS. ACLS online renewal is convenient for first responders. These programs are certified by the American Heart Association and other qualified medical professionals. ACLS online is the best way to get ACLS renewal. Online ACLS renewal classes are open around the clock and study manuals are provided to help you study for the exam.

Life saving techniques are great to have, no one expects to ever be called upon but anyone can learn BLS with proper training. People who particularly work with the public need this training. BLS certification online gives access to a line of courses. The process is uncomplicated and takes up only a little of your time. Go online and get access to classes that help teach lifesaving skills. Learn skills that affect adults and children. BLS certification online teaches CPR and other things, These classes are open to people I the Red Cross, Medic’s, people working in nursing homes, lifeguards and everyday citizens.

Online ACLS training and online ACLS renewal gets scores and cards to you in no time. Working in the health care field or with people in any active setting might call ACLS online training into action. A fall too much heat or previous health issues can require PALS, ACLS or BLS training. ACLS online renewal equips care givers with the skills to handle people with strokes and other problems until a full schedule of help can be provided for them. Online BLS studies provide easy access to training for anyone qualified to take a life support examine. A day care worker can participate in a basic life support class and be prepared in an emergency situation. Emergency situations post no warnings and no one ever knows who will be needed to give initial emergency care, so it is a good thing for everyone to know some BLS.

Every health professional must have the proper credentials in order to work in his or her field. ACLS and BLS renewal and certification management is one way of making sure every health facilitator has these credentials and is able to recertify when needed. Courses are given according to AHA specifications and a wide range of courses are offered. Continuing education hours are also offered once these classes are finished, eight for certification and four for the process of recertification. This gives you training and educational credit to move you forward in any future studies.

Studying for any exam when you are busy is difficult. With the ACLS and BLS online renewal and certification process open around the clock a heath care provider can study and take an exam anytime it is convenient for them. Everyone has a different body clock and a different work schedule. The online regiment of test taking and study can cater to everyone. Online examines offer a few perks. When taking the test you are free to take as much time as you need. There is no stipulation on when you must finish and you can take test over and over until you pass. Online site purchases are secure and they take all major bank cards. ACLS and BLS certification payments are easy on the purse, very economical when benefits are considered. Information on testing for online BLS and ACLS examinations is easily accessible online any hour of the day.

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Are there additional fees for your training manuals?

No. There are no additional fees with our courses. They include everything.

How quickly do I get my digital provider card after I take the exam?

Instantly! The test is graded automatically and then the digital provider card is sent to your personal email and user account.

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