Top 5 Nursing Blogs That Deserve A Visit In 2016

top nursing blogsAs healthcare professionals nurses are constantly looking for strong content that is both entertaining and thought provoking. Searching the Internet to find the best nursing blogs can be a tedious project so we here at United Medical Education have done the work for our readers. We set specific criteria to effectively rank the best nursing blogs in 2016. The blog rankings are based upon the freshness of their content, social interaction, and depth of subject research. While we had specific criteria for ranking each blog we also tried to include a diversity of nursing blogs within the rankings to help provide suitable choices for all of our passionate nurses. So no matter your nursing specialty you should find something that matches your situation and work environment.

1. Digital Doorway
Digital Doorway is one of the friendliest and most current nursing blogs on the Internet. It is run by Keith Carlson, RN, BSN, BC-NC who is also the co-host and co-founder of RN.FM Radio. He translates his passion of both nursing and coaching into efforts that “help nurses experience the most healthy, balanced and satisfying careers possible.” Keith uses Digital Doorway to not only reflect on nursing and healthcare in the 21st century but also to provide motivational and educational articles that help nurses further develop a healthy and spirited career. If you read his nursing blog and later decide you’d be interested in contacting Nurse Keith for coaching services you can learn more at his dedicated coaching website

2. The Nursing Site Blog
Kathy Quan, RN, BSN, PHN is the author of The Nursing Site Blog. She has over 30 years of experience as both an RN and as a writer. Because of her long history of experience in the nursing industry she is able to provide insights on the evolving nature of the profession and share real life experiences when educating her readers. What we love about Kathy’s blog is it touches heavily on the human side of nursing. Her writing style is a personal one that draws in readers by touching on their emotions. This helps readers consider the subject matter of the articles from Kathy’s personal perspective which helps stimulate continued conversation.

3. The Nerdy Nurse
The nerdy nurse blog is as fun as it is nerdy. It is authored by Brittney Wilson, BSN, RN who is an award-winning author and blogger. She is also well known for being a national speaker and influential media personality. Much of her writing is related to innovation in healthcare and informatics. What we really enjoy about her blog is she often discusses practical solutions for common nursing problems using current technology and apps. Also, if you’re interested in learning how to get more involved in social media as a nurse her blog contains a wealth of information.

4. ER Nurses Care
The ER Nurses Care blog is authored by Leslie Block, RN. She is a full time ER nurse with over 25 years experience. She wears many other hats including working as a Chapter Manager for a local moms online support community, and as a Senior Advisor of Social Media for the non-profit company The Mommies Network. She takes all of her experience and puts it together in her ER Nurses Care blog to write detailed posts on injury prevention. You’ll also find a host of other important health related topics on her blog that are sure to spark your interest. One of our favorite sections on her blog is the helpful resources and links. She has organized a huge library of worthwhile websites that prove helpful for nurses.

5. International Nurse Support
International Nurse Support may be the last one we have listed in this article but it is certainly not the least. They have one of the largest and most advanced libraries of article posts in the nurse blogging industry. We find they do an excellent job at providing career building information for nurses looking to advance in their professions. If you’re building a resume or getting ready for an interview for a job at a new hospital you’ll find this blog especially helpful. Besides having general information on advancing your nursing career they have a dedicated section to international nurses looking to work here in the United States. If you’re a foreign nurse it can be especially difficult to find quality information on how to become a nurse in the USA and this blog does a great job in helping to solve that problem.

While there are literally hundreds of nursing blogs on the Internet we hope this list helps you get started in finding current nursing information and articles. You can always find relevant nursing training and information here. If you want more recommendations for nursing blogs feel free to message us and we will help you find one that suits your needs. Until then share this article with your nursing friends over social media and let them benefit from the top 5 nursing blogs of 2016.

Written by: Brian Clark
July 6, 2016