Online ACLS certification in many ways can be more effective than traditional classroom instruction. Students not only have the opportunity to save time and money, but also get a deeper understanding because they set their own pace. Online virtual courses are generally created by instructors who are well-trained professionals with years of medical experience. 

In addition to being highly effective, online certification is also much more convenient for students. This article discusses why virtual medical education has increased in popularity and will continue to do so as it meets the needs of patients effectively.

Benefits of Online ACLS Course Training

online acls courses
Virtual training is fast becoming the preferred method for teaching CPR. One of the major advantages of online ACLS certification is that it is convenient. Traditional classroom courses can be time consuming and expensive because students must pay to travel to a physical location in addition to paying for their time spent in the class. 

E-learning generally cost less because students are taught online which eliminates unnecessary travel costs and class scheduling difficulties. Only in online structured courses can students work on their own schedule without having to worry about class schedules. 

Many online ACLS certification courses are available 24/7 so students can take their time and learn at their own pace. Traditional instruction requires students to be in class at specific times, causing them to have to make other arrangements if they need to miss the class for any reason.

Online courses also allow the student to go at their own pace and spend time in the sections that they personally need the most training. Traditional training, in contrast, often addresses the general needs of the whole group being trained. 

Online courses generally cover all topics in accordance with the new ILCOR guidelines for ACLS certification. Many classes are also made to correspond with the latest literature and research findings on CPR. 

Students can take their time in learning those areas that are most relevant to them and their personal needs. Internet based instruction allow students to go at the pace that is comfortable for them which is a major benefit over traditional methods of instruction.

Medical Providers Are Increasingly More Busy

The increasing number of healthcare providers working in hospitals and clinics means that there are fewer opportunities for them to teach CPR. In fact, some studies show that the majority of healthcare providers do not feel confident enough to teach CPR or AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators). 

This is especially true when it comes to teaching ACLS. Medical providers are increasingly busy and may not have the time to attend classes regularly. As a result, they are turning to online courses instead. These virtual instructional platforms provide an excellent alternative for busy healthcare providers who want to stay current with life saving techniques.

Increased Accessibility

Another important factor driving the increase in ACLS certification online is the growing accessibility of these courses. With the advancement of technology, anyone can now access the Internet from anywhere. This has allowed more people than ever before to get online education.

In addition to this, many companies offer free online courses as part of their employee benefits programs. This allows employees to earn continuing medical education credits while still keeping their jobs. The availability of online ACLS courses makes it easier for everyone to gain knowledge about ACLS.

More Affordable

Another advantage of virtual classes is that they are generally much cheaper than traditional classroom courses. For example, one study found that online ACLS courses were approximately 20% less expensive than classroom-based courses.

However, the price difference between online and classroom-based courses varies depending on the type of course you choose. Some Internet based instructional materials are offered at no cost, while others may require a fee. It’s important to compare prices carefully since many have surprise costs built into their program after initial signup or purchase.

Free Trials

If you’re interested in taking one of our Internet based classes but aren’t sure if it will be worth your time or money, you can build a free student account with us. Trial classes give you the opportunity to try out the program without committing yourself to paying anything upfront. You’ll only pay if you decide to continue with the program after the trial period ends.

Online courses are becoming increasingly popular because they are convenient, affordable, and accessible. They are also a great way to learn quickly and efficiently.

Importance of Access to Current Guidelines

Having easy access to updated guidelines is important for all medical providers. Having accurate reference material is essential, especially for healthcare professionals that don’t perform Advanced Cardiac Life Support on a regular basis.

Studies have shown that the majority of healthcare provider do not feel confident in teaching CPR or how to use an AED. And many often rely on outdated references which may not reflect recent changes in protocols. This can lead to confusion among healthcare providers who are trying to follow new guidelines.

The good news is that having access to reliable information is possible. There are several resources available online which contain accurate guidelines. The ACLS online course provided through United Medical Education gives its students continued access to all of their study materials even after they have earned their certification. Emergency responders can simply login with a single click and be able to read easy to follow life saving protocols in the moments they are needed most. 

United Medical Education understands that it’s not about the length of the training materials but more about providing easy to follow instruction that can be learned and implemented quickly. 

With almost two decades of experience in the medical field, we know what it takes to deliver high quality content that meets the needs of our students. Understanding the general needs of those learning Advanced Cardiac Life Support is as important as knowing the training material that needs to be taught. For this reason we have one of the highest returning student rates for recertification in the industry. We make the process easy and streamlined for the student.

Student Barriers

While there are several conveniences that come with e-learning, there are still certain social, economic, and cultural barriers that may effect the access of effectiveness of the content. One literature review shows that students may face issues with self-efficiency. This meaning that the student needs to be independently capable of accessing the training materials, understanding the coursework, and implementing the content provided in the class. 

The other student barrier may also include the compatibility of the course to fit the expectations, existing values, and past experiences of the student.

I need to find a general CPR course. Which CPR course is best for me?

United Medical Education provides Basic CPR training entirely online in our Basic Life Support (BLS) course. You’ll receive detailed step by step instructions on how to perform CPR and also illustrated training guides to make learning easier. We provide one of the most affordable accredited options available to our students and lifetime access to our training materials.  

 Why is AED Training Included in the CPR Course?

 Studies have shown those who receive prompt intervention with an AED have a higher likelihood of survival compared to those who receive CPR alone. United Medical Education provides free CPR and AED protocols on their website that follows the most current ILCOR guidelines. 

I am a medical professional and my work requires me to take a CPR and AED course. Which course is right for me?

United Medical Education generally recommends healthcare professionals to certify in both Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) and Basic Life Support (BLS) as a minimum. These life saving courses will help any healthcare professional be confident when taking action during a cardiac emergency, regardless of the circumstance.