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ACLS certification online

What is ACLS Certification?

What is ACLS Certification

Advanced Cardiac Life Support also known as Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) is a series of clinical interventions that are used in emergency situations for the treatment of respiratory arrest, cardiac complications, stroke and other critical life threatening events. ACLS recertification online also includes the knowledge needed to make appropriate clinical diagnosis and judgment when faced with several life threatening situations. Becoming proficient in ACLS usually comes after extensive study and practice. To become certified in ACLS a person generally completes a short online or offline course of instruction and then must successfully pass a certifying exam. Here at United Medical Education we provide complete online course materials, exams, and certification for those interested in learning ACLS online.

Who is Required to Take ACLS Certification?

ACLS certification is commonly required for many healthcare professionals or those entering the healthcare field. These include several subspecialties of nursing and several specialties of medical doctors.

Medical facilities often require these certifications to be kept up to date for continued employment and many institutions of learning require certification while studying in the healthcare field.

Whether you are a seasoned healthcare professional or just initiating your healthcare career here at United Medical Education we have designed a set of comprehensive courses that can be easily completed regardless of your healthcare experience.

What is Included in ACLS Certification?

ACLS courses generally include guidelines that have been established by the American Heart Association (AHA) and the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR). These guidelines have recently been updated in 2020 and have been separated into algorithms that provide step by step directions to healthcare providers. ACLS algorithms have proven adaptable to help healthcare providers find and correct potentially reversible causes of life threatening cardiac arrhythmias.

What is the ACLS Exam?

ACLS certification exams are generally multiple-choice and include both basic knowledge questions and complex situational questions. Recognition of several ECG strips is often required for successful completion. Online ACLS certification courses generally do not require a hands-on skills test while offline courses often include a hands-on skills test. Making the right selection when choosing your class can be easy. You just need to know what works best for you. Both online and offline ACLS certifications are nationally accepted. To obtain your ACLS certification, sign up for our online course.