Compare the Best ACLS Group Rates​

comparing group rate acls optionsEven though the overall survival rate statistics for out-of-hospital CPR intervention has improved over the last several years, successful resuscitation levels are still poor. This largely depends on the competence of the individual performing the life saving algorithms and other important factors, such as witnessing the collapse and the time it takes for a rescuer to intervene.

When working with a team of healthcare professionals trained in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) a study has shown there are certain keys to accomplishing a more successful outcome to cardiac arrest. These include having clearly identified roles, being well organized, and performing frequent practice mock codes as a team.

The medical community has pushed their healthcare staff to become proficient in performing ACLS working as a team. However, even after proper ACLS certification many employees quickly forget the life saving interventions they learn during the class.

Why Group Rate ACLS Options are Important

Here at United Medical Education we understand the importance of providing training to all staff members that have direct interaction with patients. For this reason we provide group rate ACLS discounts to those who wish to sign up together. 

Our group discounts don’t require a special promotional code or permission from an admin. We have designed our checkout to automatically provide a discount as you add more courses to your shopping cart.

We really want to make purchasing group rate ACLS options as simple as possible. You can even purchase them all using the same account, and simply provide the login email and password to each student you want to complete a course. 

On occasion we have worked out special deals for large organizations that work internationally and that have medical doctors and other staff certify at vastly different times. In these circumstances we can provide you with a promotional code that will reflect a discount in proportion to the number of providers that are estimated to certify with us here at United Medical Education. 

Another great benefit about our group classes is students continue to have access to the learning materials long after they earn their provider card. This lets them reference the materials in the workplace. It also makes sure that hospital staff are referencing the same materials during an emergency. 

Where to Find ACLS Group Rates

code blue teamOur group rates are integrated directly in with our standard checkout page. Just add the number of courses you’d like to select and the discount will automatically be applied. The more courses you purchase, the larger the discount. You can easily add and remove courses from the shopping card as needed. 

If you have a large group of healthcare workers needing ACLS group rates that intend on purchasing the courses independently at very different times, we can create a personal discount code to be shared within your hospital staff. Simply email us through the contact page referencing the type of courses and number you’ll likely need and we will then respond with a discount code for you and your team. 

Reasons to Register for Courses Together

When you take a class together, even if the education is provided virtually, you’ll be working with the same life saving algorithms and materials. This is important when you’re trying to accomplish a congruency of training and a smooth execution of the life saving interventions. 

When coursework is completed from different facilities and different instructors there may be a vast difference in how the instruction was delivered. This may make it difficult for a colleague to then know how a fellow healthcare worker can improve from deficiencies in their knowledge of the protocols. 

Teamwork is also an important aspect of performing Advanced Cardiac Life Support correctly so group learning can be especially useful in helping each person understand their role when performing a code. When working on a code team it’s more about understanding a person’s role and how to perform those particular tasks well fluidly with the team, as each person does their part to resuscitate the patient. 

Which Group Course Should You Choose

Here at United Medical Education we have automated the entire process of buying courses with a group rate discount. Because of this you can checkout immediately without needing to contact a customer service representative and possibly wait days to receive an answer regarding your discount. 


We have also made it as simple as possible for several students to register and receive their provider card. Let us walk you through the process. 

  1. Purchase group rate ACLS courses, registering with a shared email and password for the group.
  2. Share the login email and password with the healthcare workers needing to certify.
  3. Have each user individually login and go through the training materials at their convenience. 
  4. Have each user take the final exam to earn their provider card.
  5. After successfully completing the final ACLS exam each user will be asked what name they want on their provider card, and the address where they want the hard-copy card mailed. 


It really is that simple. Our system also helps simplify the organization of the students and provider cards for managers needing to have oversight of the activity. We do this by providing a certificate tab in the shared student account where details of each earned provider card are kept. There the manager will be able to see who has completed certification, on what date, and when that student will need to recertify again. This makes verification of ACLS certification much easier for managers because all the information is right there in one place.

Additional Considerations to Obtaining Group Rate ACLS Courses

Employers often don’t know that they can register a large number of employees for Advanced Cardiac Life Support under a single account. For this reason it is important to inform your employer of available combined class options. 

Educate your employer of the benefits of registering several students together under a single account. Let them know how easy they can track and organize employee provider cards. Also let them know that discounts are offered when courses are purchased in bulk.

Educate your peers regarding the combined registration process and earning their provider cards. Let them know that they will put their personal information on their provider card after they complete the final exam. 

Additional Benefits For Students

Earning Advanced Cardiac Life Support certification has become a requirement in many healthcare positions. Besides the benefit of knowing life saving interventions, a student will open additional employment opportunities. Students who earn their provider card will also have a greater opportunity for upward movement in the healthcare facility where they work. 

Some healthcare facilities will only reimburse students after a purchase has already been made. Our system automatically creates a receipt for download in your student account immediately upon purchase. This will make accounting easy for both you and your manager. 

Here at United Medical Education all of our training is provided online. Our virtual learning platform can be accessed anywhere and at any time. This lends itself to those who want to get together with fellow peers to study the training materials at their convenience. 

Whatever your facility’s circumstance we are happy to accommodate your ACLS group needs. Either purchase through our checkout page to receive our automated discount, or contact us with your questions. We have worked on creating a well designed custom interface for large numbers of students for over a decade. I’m certain we can help you complete your task.