ACLS Recertification Through E-Learning Gains General Acceptance in Medical Community

Consistency in Education

online acls recertification benefits in medical industryOne of the greatest benefits of taking ACLS recertification online is the fact that the course materials have been created to be comprehensive. Every student that takes the course from start to finish, and takes the time to understand and internalize the information taught, will be sure to receive the education necessary to save a life in an emergency situation. This is not always the case when a live instructor performs the class. 

There is a disparity of consistency of training among live individual ACLS instructors. Healthcare providers  who have undergone live training from several instructors at different facilities in Advanced Cardiac Life Support may likely tell you that each learning experience was significantly different. While the same algorithms and guidelines are being taught, there is a lack of consistency in quality among the instructor led training. 

As an example, large hospitals will often have their own educational lab where simulated codes and drills can be performed by teams of healthcare providers working together. These scenarios are then reviewed as a group. Other instructors are self employed and have the minimum equipment necessary to provide instruction. There is also the disparity in experience, education, and motivation of each live instructor.

While properly executed live instruction can be extremely effective in training healthcare providers Advanced Cardiac Life Support, virtual training can provide a consistent learning environment regardless of where or when a student completes the course.   

Adaptive Virtual Education

Online education allows for personal adaptation and customization depending on the student’s personal needs and deficiencies. While instructors generally cover every portion of information based upon the needs of several students, an individual can take an e-learning course and choose which portions he wants to spend more time reviewing. Here at United Medical Education we understand that e-learning will come under scrutiny by administrators who are not familiar with virtual teaching methods

This is one reason it is important for us to not only provide teaching of equal quality as a live class, but to surpass it. We have spent a decade perfecting our virtual teaching, testing, and certificate delivery system that allows students to learn comprehensively and yet still have the flexibility to tailor the courses to their specific needs.

Variety of Training Methods

One of the key benefits of virtual education is the ability to present the learning material in several formats. From written bullet points to explainer videos, there are several ways that the same information is often offered to provide the best learning experience depending on a student’s specific learning needs. Certain information is commonly only taught in one educational format in a live class setting. ACLS recertification online here at United Medical Education attempts to give alternative learning methods for each portion of the class.

This is extremely important for reinforcing principles to students and to help deepen an understanding of exactly how algorithms are to be performed. While some students may benefit most from a simple list of bullet points that outlines the steps of a specific protocol, other students may need an illustrated visual to completely grasp the concept and internalize it for practice when an emergency arises. 

Additional Support

elearning for medical professionalsThe live training generally doesn’t offer student support or training outside of the scheduled time met with the instructor. This may result in student’s forgetting concepts that they can’t return back to and review. 

Online ACLS recertification courses are designed to allow students to refresh their training incrementally over the course of the student’s career until their provider card needs to be renewed.

This really should be the standard within the Advanced Cardiac Life Support training industry. To assume that students will maintain their knowledge of critical algorithms that must be performed precisely during a life threatening emergency from a course that lasts a few hours every couple of years does not take into account the different work environments and responsibilities of every healthcare professional. 

Self Assessment

Our ACLS renewal course provides an opportunity for continued self assessment that a one time live course just cannot provide. With a large library of ACLS practice exams, students can not only prepare for the final test, but they can return periodically after successful exam completion to take the practice exams to see if they are still familiar with the material. 

When you’re dealing with saving lives there is no shortcut on learning the proper protocols and actions that are necessary in the moment. We want to make sure that our platform here at United Medical Education is something that students will return to again and again long after they have earned their provider card. As a company that looks towards building long term relationships with their students, we are motivated to make sure their educational needs are provided for in-between their certifying schedule. This is also the responsible thing to do as an educator of life saving interventions. 

Bringing Together Students

The internet has changed how society is educated and will continue to do so going forward. A classroom setting has a difficult time competing with instant access to similar or higher quality education at one’s fingertips. In one study students have shown an increase in exposure electronic learning environments. This study also showed an advantage in greater flexibility on instructor-led and self study courses. 

As being a member of the medical industry it is important that we stay innovative and move forward with technology. The Internet is just one of many tools that has allowed us to further progress our efforts in saving lives. It should be explored and used to its full efficiency to streamline our educational and medical interventional efforts. 

Is ACLS Online Valid?

Yes, ACLS online is valid when properly accredited. Virtual Advanced Cardiac Life Support courses need to be accredited by a third party accreditation institution in order to provide continuing education credit and to be acceptable to the Joint Commission and other facility accrediting organizations. Generally, companies that provide ACLS online will have an accreditation page that shows which organization has accredited their course documentation. 

How Long is the ACLS Online Exam?

This is another common question we receive here at United Medical Education. The length of the ACLS online exam will differ depending on the company providing the certification. Our final exam for Advanced Cardiac Life Support is 25 questions long. Other companies have shorter or longer exams compared to ours so you will need to inquire with the company where you register for your class. 

Is it Hard to Pass ACLS?

Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) algorithms and interventions can be learned by just about anyone. It depends on a person’s interest to dedicate their time to read and learn from the training materials. Since there is no time limit or schedule to our online classes you can take as much time as you need to learn the algorithms and protocols necessary to pass your ACLS exam. 

Students not need to feel intimidated with out virtual education. They will have unlimited access to the training materials and are allowed as much time as they need in order to prepare for the final exam. Even retakes are permitted with our final exams so a student is allowed to review the material and attempt completion as many times as necessary until they prove their understanding of the training materials.