Free ACLS Certification Online for New and Experienced Students
We offer free ACLS certification online training to students who need to review Advanced Cardiac Life Support algorithms and protocols. All you need to do is build your free student account and you’ll have instant access to all of our training materials. 

We want our students to learn and explore prior to making a purchase here at United Medical Education. It’s not only important that students can take the time to learn and prepare for the final exam, we also want to provide free training and practice exams to those who may not be able to afford to certify. 

How to Build a Free ACLS Student Account 

To participate in our free Advanced Cardiac Life Support course begin by building a student account by going to our registration page here. We provide a couple of easy registration options which include signing up using either your Facebook or Gmail accounts. The third option is to put in your name and email manually and to select a password. 

If you register using your Facebook or Gmail account keep in mind that your account will be tied to the emails associated with either of these. Also, our database does not gain access to your passwords to either of these accounts, so if you wish to add a password to your account for later login you can do so by clicking on the password icon on your student dashboard. 

Gain Free Access to Online ACLS Certification Training

Now that you’ve registered as a student by building your free account you’ll now have access to all of our online ACLS certification training materials including our large list of practice exams. Here at United Medical Education we are the only provider of virtual learning for Advanced Cardiac Life Support that provides their full class library without making a purchase. 

We do this for a couple reasons. Not everything we do as a company is for profit. We want to provide access to life-saving interventions to anyone that wants to learn without cost. Not only does this help out our communities but it also helps us here at United Medical Education build a relationship with healthcare providers around the world. 

Another reason we provide the learning materials without cost is to keep healthcare providers up to date and engaged in practicing the algorithms and protocols. If a healthcare professional needs to make a purchase every time they want to review the training there is always the chance that they will not take the initiative even if they know they require a review. This could lead to patient errors when performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation. For this reason we want to guarantee access to anyone willing to learn. We want to remove barriers to learning the life saving interventions as much as possible within the healthcare industry when it comes to learning and implementing these and other life saving techniques. 

electronic learning at no cost for doctorsWhat Our Free ACLS Course Provides

  • Individual Student Account
  • Access to Our Complete ACLS Educational Library
  • Access to Our Illustrated Algorithms and Guidelines
  • Access to Our Complete Library of Practice Exams
  • Automated Renewal Reminders
  • Access to Personal Database of Completed Certifications
  • Access to Third Party Verification Page


Implementing Universal Quality Scales In Virtual Learning

Since electronic learning has become available studies have been performed to attempt to create a universal scale to assess the quality of the learning programs. Several scales have been developed that provide a framework on how learning materials should be organized and delivered electronically. While some of these quality assessments provide only a broad description of design factors, we here at United Medical Education do our best to take each of them into account when developing our training program. Here are just a few of the quality scales that we use when building our training. 

SiteQual Quality Factors

Sitequal helps to evaluate the quality of virtual education based upon four factors. These include security, processing speed, ease of use, and also aesthetic design. While these are broad categories these four factors are taken into consideration when creating every portion of our learning materials. 

We use high levels of encryption to provide both a secure checkout process and a personal student login. We understand that students need to feel safe when sharing their personal information, even in a learning environment. 

Providing a quality virtual experience is largely due to having the proper backend hardware to ensure a fast and reliable connection to your student account. We implement some of the fastest and most reliable web services in the industry to make sure you stay connected.

We have been developing and refining our student account interface for over ten years here at United Medical Education. We are one of the only providers of Advanced Cardiac Life Support that has a custom built educational system to ensure ease of use for our customers. While other companies have changed hands several times, we have improved our curriculum and program structure over the course of years under the same ownership. 

Aesthetic design is important to keep the attention of a student and to motivate their engagement. This is why we provide training in a variety of different mediums. We have hired some of the best artists and graphic designers in the industry to help develop a curriculum that is not only easy to follow, but that is pleasing to look at as well. 

Implementing WebQual Quality Measurements

WebQual is another series of curriculum and program standards. This one consists of twelve distinct factors which include:

  • Response time
  • Ease of Understanding
  • Tailored Communication
  • Visual Appeal
  • Emotional Appeal
  • Relative Advantage
  • Trust
  • Intuitive Operations
  • Innovativeness
  • Consistent Image
  • Information Fit to Task
  • Incline Completeness


Here at United Medical Education we review and evaluate our virtual program with each of these items to work towards a class that better serves our students. We place the same care and attention into our classes that come at no cost as we do into those that require a purchase. This is one of our distinct missions as a company. We have partnered with non-profits around the world to make sure doctors and other medical professionals who come from economically depressed regions can still receive the education they need to save a life and stay current on updates to the algorithms and protocols.