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PALS certification training manual and card

requirements for PALS certification

Hospital accreditation offered by the Joint Commission or other third party accrediting organizations often requires certain healthcare practitioners to certify in Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS). The American Heart Association (AHA) was one of the first organizations to offer PALS certification courses to pediatric medical professionals.

PALS Certification Online Designed for Convenience

PALS certification online offers proof of knowledge in pediatric health assessment, general life support procedures, treatment algorithms, resuscitation, and professional team dynamics in healthcare settings. Pediatric healthcare providers through this program are able to give high quality services to infants and young children during medical emergencies. Consequently, the prognosis and outcome of emergency conditions among kids often becomes more positive due to critical care and support.

Nevertheless, the accreditation bodies require individuals with PALS certification to attain recertification after every two years. Recertification enables healthcare providers to comply with accreditors’ requirements, and remain in touch with the latest relevant emergency PALS algorithms and procedures for children. Visit our algorithms page for more information. PALS recertification is a short-term exam based course provided by various continuing medical education companies across the states.

Healthcare Job Requirements for PALS Providers

The job requirements of physicians, nurses, paramedics, and other personnel responsible for emergency care of infants and children demand PALS Certification. Understanding who needs PALS certification is critical when preparing for a healthcare career. Professionals normally receive a PALS Provider Completion Card upon successful completion of this critical course. The card has a validity period of two years only. One must complete a short refresher course after the two years elapse in order to remain in touch with the requirements of the AHA or other certifying body. Thus, the PALS Course Completion Card is a mandatory requirement for recertification. Learn more about our courses here at United Medical Education.

Online PALS Teaching Materials

PALS courses and programs should incorporate the latest teaching and material that research has produced. The AHA is one of the few organizations that helps fund and provide the research necessary to collect this information. Professionals with a current or expired PALS provider card, and who have other essential courses such as the Basic Life Support program are able to complete recertification. The AHA publishes various textbooks and journals to assist professionals in completing PALS recertification successfully. Our online training manuals are free and provide everything you need to successfully take the exam. You can start by taking our free PALS pretest.

When to Take PALS Recertification Online

When the original certificate expires, PALS Recertification is necessary after every two years. As such, healthcare professionals with the PALS Provider Completion Card must take a short refresher course and exam. If a course is online or offline, it should include the most current guidelines. Basic Life Support (BLS) certification is also often required of these same healthcare professionals.