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AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™

AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™

AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™

acls pals and bls certification made easy

Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support, or ACLS, is considered as a set of clinical procedures that are useful in the urgent treatment of stroke, cardiac arrest, and other life threatening conditions and medical emergencies.

ACLS encompasses the skill set and knowledge base that is necessary in order to perform life saving algorithms. These days, there are several ways in order for you to get your ACLS certification or ACLS renewal. To find out details of completing these classes online visit our page dedicated to ACLS online certification and renewal. Because of the complexity of the techniques, procedures, and methods used in ACLS, it is necessary for you to earn a certificate in order to practice or perform the different medical interventions.

These techniques take practice and experience to perform correctly. This is the reason why you should have several sessions of clinical exposure during live emergencies to help refine your knowledge. Once you have already completed the course, then you will be provided with a certificate accredited for continuing education credit. The provider card will prove that you are allowed to do the ACLS procedures in times of emergency.

Learning More about ACLS Certification Online

Online ACLS certification or ACLS online renewal is considered to be a lot easier compared to attending ACLS training in an actual classroom scenario. Although the lessons and materials used in the online course are similar to the ones used in local health care institutions, online ACLS is easier in a way that it is more flexible and less challenging to fit into your tight or busy schedule. Because of this, a lot of professionals opt to have online courses in order to get their certifications faster.

The ACLS training typically involves the use of certain medical devices such as the ECG machine and the AED or defibrillator. Aside from this, a typical ACLS course would also require a trainee to perform advanced and complex procedures such as the insertion of a tube into the trachea in order to open an airway and the administration of medications through IV route.

Because of these medical procedures, all applicants who want to have an ACLS certification should have a background or a degree in any health or medical-related courses. This also means that not all people are allowed to enroll for the program.

Aside from first timers, previous certificate holders for ACLS can also have their ACLS online renewal. According to AHA, the certificate for ACLS will only last for a couple of years. This means that holders of expired or overdue certificates should do their recertification once in every two years. One way in order to do this is to have the ACLS recertification online.

Other Life Support Programs that are Available Online

Aside from the ACLS, there are also other life support courses that are also available through the Internet. One of these is none other than Basic Life Support (BLS). BLS certification is actually similar to the ACLS in several ways. However, the procedures taught in the BLS course are only basic and simple. As a matter of fact, anyone can enter for training since the BLS can be very handy especially in times of emergency. Often time healthcare providers need to take ACLS and BLS together.

Aside from this, most police officers, firemen, and even teachers are already encouraged to have their BLS training. Some of the procedures that are included in the BLS certification online are the CPR, assessment for airway, breathing and circulation, and the use of the external defibrillator.

Aside from the BLS, another training program that can be provided online is the PALS. The PALS is also quite similar to ACLS. However, the procedures in PALS are designed specifically to cater the needs of young kids and infants. This is the reason why it is called as the pediatric advance life support. Just like the ACLS, PALS and BLS certification online is also available.